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Dedon Lou Mood

DEDON @ Leptien 3 in Frankfurt

DEDON has been revolutionizing life outside under the open skies for over 30 years now. Rich in innovation and full of pioneering spirit, naturally curious and driven by a passion for excellent design, the company is forever on the lookout for new solutions, opportunities and sources of inspiration. DEDON has rediscovered the world of outdoor furniture. With its highly resistant plastic fibers, DEDON designer furniture is able to handle water, sun, extreme temperatures and, what’s more, it is biodegradable. DEDON furniture is developed by international designers and produced by weaving specialists in the Phillipines – a harmonious mixture of high level technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Discover DEDON design furniture for your outdoor areas here at Leptien3 in Frankfurt. We are looking forward to showing you the current collection and assisting you.